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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is important to the health of your car or truck. If you hit a massive pothole, you might bump your suspension out of the carefully calculated locations that the components have been set.

All of the elements that make your car go straight are called “alignment.” Some shops try to make it seem like rocket science, but wheel alignment is a fairly straightforward affair. The inclusive term “wheel alignment” involves three main measurements — caster, camber, and toe.

These measurements have standards that a technician uses as targets of adjustment. In other words, get as close as you can to the right measurement.

Our Snap-On Visualiner V3D1 Imaging Wheel Alignment System is one of the most advanced and innovative alignment systems used in the industry today. Combining this technology with the expertise of ASE Certified Under Car Specialist allows us provide the BEST wheel alignment possible on your vehicle.

We also offer FREE Wheel Alignment Reports with every visit. This way, you can make sure that your alignment stays in check!

Due to some manufacturers’ performance handling specifications, an increasingly large number of vehicles come from the factory without adjustments for measurements (such as camber and toe) that, when set to certain specifications from the factory, can negatively affect your vehicle’s tire wear. While most alignment shops are content to perform only the adjustments allowed by the vehicle’s factory hardware, we at A & E Auto Repair are well-versed in going the extra mile and installing aftermarket hardware that allows us to adjust these measurements as needed.